Terms and Conditions

  • To use any of our music, we require that you obtain and keep a copy of the appropriate license for the use. This can only be gotten by downloading the song using our website's user interface through the Buy Now or Download button. This includes free licenses, for which we still require that you obtain and hold onto a copy of your free license agreement.
  • When downloading a song with a free license, we require that you give us credit for the song. For proper credit, please add the following line to your credits or projects' description section: Music by AlgoTunes. Create yours at algotunes.com. The text should be of the same visual size as on this page, or as the most recurring text size in your project.
  • When you pay for an exclusive or a non-exclusive license, we email you a link for downloading a zip file containing your music in WAV and MIDI formats. That link is set to expire in 3 days.
  • When you buy an exclusive license, we give you copyright ownership of the song. You are responsible for registering the copyright in your name with the copyright office, if you desire.
  • On the very rare occasion that our software composes the same music as that in an existing song for which you buy an exclusive copy, our policy is to compose a new piece to replace the song.
  • Please refrain from writing any form of profanity on this site.
  • By using our site, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

  • When you register on our site, we collect your email address. If you choose to fill out a profile after registering, we ask for and save your first name, last name, and date of birth securely in our database. You can, at anytime, delete your personal information or account.
  • We use your email address for two purposes:
    • If your request to generate a song on our site gets queued, we send you a notification when the request has been processed.
    • Each time you buy a license, we email you a copy of the license and the associated music files.
  • We do not share your personal information with any third parties.
  • By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.



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